Sesame nutritive value
According to the measurement, sesame seeds contain a variety of nutrients, every hundred grams of sesame seeds contain protein 21

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Sesame nutritive value and health care function


    Sesame nutritive value
   According to the measurement, sesame seeds contain a variety of nutrients, every hundred grams of sesame seeds contain protein 21.9 grams, 61.7 grams fat, 564 milligrams of calcium, phosphorus 368 mg; Especially the iron content is extremely high, each hectogram can be as high as 50 mg. As a result, the ancients said sesame can \"filling\", \"marrow\", \"blood\", that is where its according to. In addition, the sesame contains fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, etc. Sesame seeds contain fat, mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which is particularly important for the elderly, the ancients about to eat sesame can divide all ills, rejuvenation, immortality, seems to have a point. Sesame anti-aging effect, also is that it contains rich vitamin E the nutrients which are of important value. Vitamin E mechanism of antioxidant effect, it can prevent the body to produce lipid peroxide, so as to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane containing unsaturated fatty acids were concentrated and function is normal, and can prevent the body lipid peroxide damage other components. In addition, vitamin E can reduce the body fat qualitative accumulation in brown. These can have the effect of anti-aging.
     Sesame contains rich lecithin, linoleic acid, not only can cure atherosclerosis, for brain, enhance memory, and prevent premature hair turned white, fall off and beauty skin, maintain and restore youthful vitality. The motherland medicine thinks, sesame is a kind of nourishing and strong medicine, blood, fluid, runchang, milk and raise hair etc. Applicable to the frail, early white hair, anemia, insufficiency of body fluid, constipation, and dizziness tinnitus, etc. Study found that sesame contains antioxidant element selenium, it have the function of enhance cells resist harmful substances, which have the effect of prolong life.
   The effect of sesame and function
    Black, black sesame seed surface under a magnifying glass visible small verrucous protrusions, oily, have QingXiangWei of chewing. In a large, dark and full, no impurity is medicine. Sexual flavour gan, ping, by the liver and kidney, nourishing health is best, in the sense of multi-purpose diet. The cold-induced febride will it as a top grade medicine: \"the main injury in virtual target, viscera, good strength, long muscles, the brain.\" \"Long suit, intellectual man fit not old.\" \"Huang shu said:\" the proper valley of til, benefit spleen and stomach, kidney also.\"
     Compendium of materia medica with many Lei introduced black sesame seed, according to statistics, only the prescription of article 31 into more than one item. Such as treatment of five zang-organs is deficient, good strength, strong bones and muscles, preferable black sesame nine steam nine sun, control store. Soak the cloth wrapped each 2, soup, peel them inquiry again, filter juice, Fried drink, eat and japonica rice conjee, has a good effect.
    Black sesame seed is nourishing and strong, can repair class, raise hair, fluid, milk, runchang, suitable for weak yellow, white hair early, anemia, insufficiency of body fluid, defecate dry knot, dizziness tinnitus, etc. Because the sesame seeds contain much fat can runchang purge, caused by intestinal juice reduce constipation, separate applications that have a charm.

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