Kidney beans, also known as sauteed green beans, bean, bean. It is native to the Americas in Mexico and Argentina, China began the introduction and Cultivati

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Nutritional value and the health care of kidney bean


   Kidney beans, also known as sauteed green beans, bean, bean. It is native to the Americas in Mexico and Argentina, China began the introduction and Cultivation in sixteenth Century. Kidney beans in response to day length of the genera in the day, in the long-day and short-day conditions, can blossom fruit. Therefore, in most parts of China in spring, autumn two season cultivation. Kidney beans of the main types of large white kidney bean, kidney bean, kidney bean, Ohguro Ka Huang, red kidney beans, including large white kidney bean and black bean is the most famous.
Kidney beans particle plump mast, bright color, rich nutrition, can be cooked can be stewed, high-quality raw materials, making cakes, sweet bean paste, red bean paste, its medicinal value is also high.
   Nutrition health care of kidney bean
   Health care composition of kidney bean protein and crude fiber, also contains amino acids, vitamins and calcium, iron to wait for a variety of trace elements. Kidney beans are rich in nutrition, protein content is higher than the chicken, the calcium content is more than 7 times as much chicken, iron is 4 times as much chicken, B vitamins are also higher than that of chicken.
The health care effect of kidney bean
    The lower temperature gas, and stomach, hiccups, tonifying kidney and invigorating primordial energy etc..
Kidney beans contain saponins, urease and various globulin unique ingredients, can improve human immunity, enhance the capacity of resistance, the activation of T cells in lymph, promote DNA synthesis and other functions. Urease is applied to hepatic coma patients with very good results.
    Kidney is a rare high potassium, high magnesium, low sodium food, especially suitable for heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood lipids, hypokalemia and avoid salt in patients with eating.
Bean's effect on the skin, the hair is good, can improve the skin the new supersedes the old. The body, toxins, the skin often Bao youth.
Saponins in beans can reduce fat absorption function, promote fat metabolism, contained in dietary fiber may also accelerate the food through the gut of the time, the dieters to Qingshenjianfei purposes.
Applicable to the crowd health of kidney bean
   General per capita edible, every meal 50 grams. Health care function of kidney bean is especially suitable for patients with heart disease, hypertension and kidney when low sodium and low potassium diet consumption.

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