COFCO, the word fortune 500 companies, the national food industry hundred COFCO first enterprise co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as \"COFCO\", English abb

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Zhonghong Biological Engineering Co., LTD.


   COFCO, the word fortune 500 companies, the national food industry hundred COFCO first enterprise co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as \"COFCO\", English abbreviation \"COFCO\"), is China's largest cereals, oils and foodstuffs import and export companies and powerful food producers, is famous in international grain and oil food market. As the world's top 500, the national food industry hundred strong first enterprise, cofco is committed to building from field to table the whole industrial chain of grain and oil food enterprises, provide nutrition for human health of food, the high quality life space and service life, contribute to public life rich and social prosperity and stability. In macro biological engineering co., LTD. - cofco's flagship enterprise in the field of health food in macro biological engineering co., LTD., founded in 1998, is the world's top 500 enterprises cofco members of the enterprise, is China's earliest research, development, production and sales of high quality green, one of series of natural health products enterprises. Macros in the company as a representative of cofco health industry enterprises, adhering to the group \"natural reshape your the source of my\" brand philosophy, strict product quality management, perfect services structure, satisfy the customer needs, strive to provide more green, natural and healthy products. Macros in the specialty stores, cofco, the integration of high-end health food project macro specialty stores, cofco food industry chain as the main product resources, based on the theory of \"balanced nutrition\", on the cofco, the whole industry chain, located in \"the typical food safety, nutrition, health\", is an important supplement to the grain industry chain, has uniqueness.
   The company sets up Zhonghong Special Food Store in China. Including functional food, meat food, health food and other 127 kinds of green, healthy food as the carrier, to customer demand as the guidance, to the macro medical expert team of health services to support, and provide safety, nutrition, health, professional, comprehensive features of products and services. 7 c full industrial chain improve quality management system, quality guarantee system of macro characteristic food stores in China, all products are from cofco 7 c the whole industry chain to improve quality management system. 7 c improve quality management system is a whole industry chain in cofco \"from field to table\" the whole industry chain of strategic process, key measures to improve the quality of products. Seven key link through the whole industry chain: seed selection, planting, harvesting, handling, processing, packaging, service, guard a pass strictly, improve the quality of zi mining all the way, providing quality assurance. Let consumers enjoy a safer, healthier, more delicious products.

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  • 2019 the 10th IGPE China International day
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