On February 6, a ship carrying 20000 tons of ocean shipping import Argentine soybean oil, docked in grain storage in zhenjiang base dock for receiving. Acco

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Cofco Zhenjiang Base realising good start


    On February 6, a ship carrying 20000 tons of ocean shipping import Argentine soybean oil, docked in grain storage in zhenjiang base dock for receiving. According to base, deputy party secretary of winning this year docking on the base of pier 6 ship ocean shipping, to achieve the good start of this year's production.
    Grain storage in zhenjiang base dock since early last year officially opened by the end of last year, successfully completed the 26 vessel of 670000 tons of grain and oil import transport tasks, mainly to jiangsu, hunan, jiangxi, anhui, receive points to the central reserve. During the Spring Festival this year, zhenjiang base without rest, docks, storage area a busy scene. Base according to the established plan, working overtime, spent 70 hours successfully discharged in the United States imported 43588 tons of corn, 15 hours successfully discharged Canada imported vegetable oil 10000 tons of wool. Until 6 February, zhenjiang base has docked the 6 ships to ocean shipping, import the dump 90000 tons of corn were successfully discharged rotation oil and 60000 tons of reserves, to protect the Yangtze river and east China grain and oil market stability has played a positive role.
    As the development enterprise in Zhejiang in 2011, in this year of zhenjiang grain storage base work goal is: business income reached 6 billion yuan, increasing 9% year-on-year; In processing 700000 tons of soybeans, year-on-year increase of 35%; In processing 260000 tons of oil, rose 30%; Logistics transit of 1.2 million tons, year-on-year increase of 50%. In addition, the grain storage company new small package this year oil filling, zhenjiang base plans to produce 100000 tons of "international" brand small packing of oil into the market.
    According to the introduction, in order to achieve this goal, to continue to maintain stable grain market, services across the development of economy and society in zhenjiang, zhenjiang base to expand this year 100000 tons of grain storage in the tank, 50000 tons of vertical silos and supporting facilities, further improve the scale of grain and oil storage and logistics transit capacity, enhanced service national macroeconomic regulation and control ability and level. "In addition, zhenjiang base will further improve the ability of production operating efficiency, efforts to achieve value of state-owned assets." Supposedly said: "one is to strengthen enterprise management, actively promote energy conservation and emissions reduction work, continuously improve the environment, the authors efficiency; the second is 2 # berths operating as an opportunity, give full play to the role of the logistics hub, strive to logistics ZhongZhuanLiang exceeds 1.2 million tons; three is to improve the soybean processing machine, more 'blessing beans to soybean meal brand publicity, actively open up markets; fourth, continuously improve production process, carefully constructed" international "brand soybean oil, really make for consumers by oil."

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