Anhui Fuyang Grain & Oil Industry Group in Anhui Province ocean spring grain and oil industrial group is a collection of grain and oil sales, processing, wareho

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Anhui Fuyang Grain & Oil Industry Group


Anhui Fuyang Grain & Oil Industry Group in Anhui Province ocean spring grain and oil industrial group is a collection of grain and oil sales, processing, warehousing, logistics in one of the modern comprehensive enterprise. Enterprise was founded in 2005, is now land total area of 174000 square meters, registered capital of 50 million yuan. Group holdings ocean spring grain and oil industrial co., LTD. Xin rice springs co., LTD., of grain and oil food co., LTD., xin sea grain and oil co., LTD. Jin chengguo border subsidiaries such as real estate co., LTD. Group has breakthrough 200 million yuan fixed assets gross one day processing 200 tons of refined rice production line three, a 1200 mw rice husk power workshop, standardization of 300000 tons storage warehouse. Group phase ii project is researched and the production capacity of 18000 tons rice will be built for 400000 tons of wheat flour mill and annual output of 80000 tons of dry noodles production line. The annual output value reached 2.8 billion yuan, profit and tax 200 million yuan. Ocean group at all levels of leadership, under the full support of the government and related departments, has developed into the vitality of A modern enterprise, 2008, 2008 consecutive years won the "stands on the bank" grade A "credit unit" title. Rice deep processing recycling economy cooperation with nanjing forestry university of science and technology innovation projects, and successfully developed the rice husk for making charcoal, gas and liquid three categories of products technical equipment, in the actual production process of the great enterprise interest and social utility, year 3000 tons of standard coal saving and emission reduction of carbon dioxide 12000 tons, 30 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, emissions of smoke 20 tons. Byproduct of rice husk carbon and rice hull vinegar liquid directly bring economic benefits at the same time also can produce organic compound fertilizer, foliar fertilizer and sterilization, in addition to pesticides, pollution-free, the entire production process does not use other sources of energy. Ocean group has "showers" sea, "the long rise edge," a series of two brands is committed to meet the diverse needs of customers. "Showers" sea cover series, rice, noodles, oil products in the high-end market oriented, "long rise edge" series mainly include rice, for the mass consumer market. Enterprise in the process of production strictly follows the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system, products sell well in guangdong, fujian, Shanghai, wuhan, nanjing and other places, has a wide range of visibility. Group owns a high quality talent team. Bachelor degree or above, the existing staff of 260 people, including 26 people (including 1 student), big, the technical secondary school degree or above, more than 80 people, the reasonable talent team is committed to the "based on agriculture, simultaneously together with food is given priority to, other industries, honesty and innovation, advance with The Times". Group always adhere to make "let every grain of food more value" the management idea, to fulfill the tiller for profit, for predators to benefit, make enterprise prosperous, strong, let employees rich "lofty mission. Ocean spring people wisdom, create a grain and oil food processing industry's most respected enterprise vision.

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