Anhui Desheng Rice Industry Co.,Ltd. founded in 2002, is located in Jinniu town LuJiangXian, registered capital of 3 million yuan, covers an area of 30 acre

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Anhui Desheng Rice Industry Co.,Ltd.


    Anhui Desheng Rice Industry Co.,Ltd. founded in 2002, is located in Jinniu town LuJiangXian, registered capital of 3 million yuan, covers an area of 30 acres. LuJiangXian is anhui province at present one of the largest grain and oil industry and trade enterprises, the company set acquisition, processing and sales of grain and oil, is stored as an organic whole, is a joint-stock private enterprise. Existing fixed assets of 10.02 million yuan; Among them: domestic advanced rice finish machining production line 1, the computer 2 sets color optional equipment (sets), computer automatic measuring machine 1 units, large-scale drying equipment 2 sets (set), plant 2, building 2, 8 building warehouse, outdoor tent to four. Warehouse capacity of about 25000 tons, annual processing capacity of about 40000 tons of raw material local rate above 95%. "DE sheng" brand of rice from the company, has been in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong, gansu, guizhou, yunnan and other places welcomed by consumers.
    The Company has staff of 38 people, including: college degree or above in 13 people, professional technical and management personnel 10 people. Legal representative Xia Desheng engaged in grain and oil business for many years, has rich experience in management practice. Not only familiar with business, to develop; And work a strong sense of responsibility, has the strong market control ability and leadership ability.
   Rice in the past two years, the anhui province DE sheng co., LTD., under the strong support of government policy, through the efforts to development, agricultural production order base area continues to spread, has made great strides in promoting agricultural industrialization progress. In 2005, the company's production base of 30000 mu, only has grown to 40000 mu in 2006, 2007, 45000 acres. Driven the rapid development of the base to make farmers number increases year by year, has increased to more than 8385 households. Per capita net income of farmers from part enterprises increased year by year, to about 800, 2005 yuan/person, about 1250, 2006 yuan/person, in 2007 reached 2007 yuan/person. Rice DE sheng co., LTD., acquired in 2007 in anhui province nearly 30000 tons of raw grain, had sales of 25000 tons (raw grain), total sales income of 45.75 million yuan, increased by 18% from a year earlier; And profits of 3.18 million yuan, increased by 29% compared with last year.
    Because of the rapid development of anhui province rice DE sheng co., LTD., give full play to the leading enterprises driving and radiating function. Therefore, in recent years, many times by province, city, county government and the authorities' affirmation and recognition. By the provincial administrative department for industry and commerce bureau awarded the "honest" heavy contract enterprise unit, is awarded by the anhui province branch of agricultural bank of "AA" grade credit enterprise.

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