Comprehensively implement the party's eighteen big spirit, unswervingly along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, strive to build a well-off soc

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The central file no. 1: dealing with agriculture, rural areas and farmers problems of urban and rura


Comprehensively implement the party's eighteen big spirit, unswervingly along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, strive to build a well-off society in an all-round way, must, strengthening the always solve the problem of good agriculture rural farmers as the party work priority, the integration of urban and rural development as the fundamental way to solve the problem of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers"; Must to coordinate, and promote industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization synchronous development, focus on strengthening modern agriculture as the foundation, further promoting the construction of new socialist countryside.
Since the party's 16 big, our in-depth implementation of scientific outlook on development, comprehensively promote the "three rural" practical innovation, theory innovation, system innovation, establishing priority, overall urban and rural areas, the strategic thought of "four modernizations" synchronization, formulating a series of giving more, taking less and allowing flexibility and comprehensive major industry nurture agriculture and cities support rural policy, building the agricultural production and operation, protection of the agricultural support, institutional framework of the rural social security, the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, agriculture production have very big development, highly improve rural situation, the farmers get great benefits, the agriculture rural development achieved historic leap, ushered in the another gold period, preliminary explore a road of agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics. Food production to realize "nine", comprehensive agricultural production capacity to a new level. Increasing farmers' income to achieve "quick", rural poor survival and basic food and clothing problem is solved. Rural accelerate the improvement of the people's livelihood, the good done many popular events. Overall rural reform and significant progress was made in reforming the system of collective forest rights, urban and rural segmentation system obstacle to speed up the break. Rural masses relationship between the party and the masses, keep harmonious rural society stability. Agriculture and rural areas the situation is good, for our country comprehensive national strength increase greatly in the volatile international situation, for the modernization construction in risk challenges in moving forward, to the party and national business in all kinds of difficult test thrive, injecting strong impetus, added to bottom spirit, won the strategic initiative. Practice has proved that the major policies to promote the development of rural reform completely correct, introduced JiangNong rich peasants policy has been effective.
Along with the industrialization and urbanization, deepening, China's agriculture and rural areas development is entering a new stage, present a comprehensive agricultural production costs rise, agricultural products supply and demand structural contradiction, accelerate rural social structure transformation, urban and rural development to speed up the convergence. People much less the sharpening contradictions between the lack of water, total agricultural product demand rapid growth, consumption structure upgrade rigidity, obviously improve the agricultural foreign dependence, safeguard national food security and effective supply of major agricultural products difficult task; Rural labor flow in great quantities, concurrent-business farmers, villages hollowing out and an ageing population trend is obvious, appeal to the interests of farmers, it is imperative to strengthen the rural social management and innovation; Remarkable increase of the correlation of national economy and rural development and agricultural resources loss, a equal exchange mechanism for urban and rural elements require more urgent, narrow the gap between urban and rural area development and resident income distribution gap is a long way to go. We must comply with the phase change, follow the law of development, strengthen the sense of anxiety, for the power of the party, the national constancy strengthen agriculture and benefit rural, the rich peasants.
Agriculture rural work in 2013 general requirements are: fully implement the party's eighteen big spirit, with deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, the scientific outlook on development as guidance, to carry out the "four modernizations synchronization" strategy, in accordance with the insurance for income livelihood, reform and innovation add vitality of work target, we will intensify reform in rural areas, policy support, technology driven, surrounding the modern agriculture construction, give full play to the superiority of the basic rural operating system, strive to build intensive, specialization, organizational, social combination of new type of agricultural management system, further liberation and development of the rural social productive forces, consolidate and develop agriculture and rural areas good situation.
A guarantee mechanism, establishing the supply of major agricultural products, and strive to consolidate modern agricultural material base
To ensure national food security and ensure the effective supply of major agricultural products, has always been the priority of developing modern agriculture. Must not loosen grain production, speed up the construction of modern agricultural industry system, focus on strengthening agricultural material technical support.
1. The stable development of agricultural production. To adhere to the stability of grain production area, optimize the structure, main yield general requirements, to ensure high crop. Continued stable increase in grain production, focus on strengthening the construction of infrastructure of 800 major grain-producing counties, advancing the four northeastern provinces water saving food, food high technology engineering action. Support the growing of cotton, oilseed and sugar production base construction. Expand oil create sugar high yield in the key region to promote the organizational system, integration, promotion of regional, standardization, high yield and efficient mode. In-depth implementation of soil testing and formula fertilizing to strengthen the construction of major diseases and insect pests monitoring early warning and defense spreading ability. Increase the intensity of a new round of "vegetable basket" project implementation, to expand standardized standard garden and horticulture crops, livestock and aquatic products breeding specific to create a scale. Award for supporting the construction of modern agricultural demonstration zone pilot. Promote planting the seed project, to speed up the crop seed production base and the construction of new varieties to introduce specific. To strengthen, upgrade fishery law-enforcement boats for fishing haven for building and construction, support the development of pelagic fishery.
2. Strengthen the agricultural material technology and equipment. Implement and perfect the strictest arable land protection system, intensify efforts to promote the construction of high standard farmland. To speed up the reconstruction of large and medium-sized irrigation, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, small and medium-sized rivers; and to expand small irrigation and water conservancy key coverage, to develop the efficient water-saving irrigation, increase rainwater collection and utilization, YanTang regulation of engineering construction, improve the ability of flood control and drought relief. Increase financial support for small reservoirs, and consolidation efforts. Timely provision and manage and use well extracted from land transfer income of farmland water conservancy construction fund. Speed up the implementation of agricultural irrigation and drainage engineering operation and management expense of fiscal subsidy policy appropriately. To strengthen the construction of agricultural science and technology innovation ability condition and protection of intellectual property rights, we will continue to implement the seed industry development in key science and technology projects, accelerate oil sugar and other agricultural machinery equipment, and efficient security fertilizer the pesticide veterinary medicine research and development. Promote national agricultural science and technology park and high-tech industries demonstration zone construction.
3. Improve the efficiency of circulation of agricultural products. Overall planning market circulation of agricultural products network layout, focus on supporting the construction of important agricultural products distribution, origin of advantage agricultural products market, strengthening the construction of agricultural product futures market, timely to add new agricultural products futures varieties, fostering agricultural products price formation, and influence at home and abroad trading center. Accelerate the standardization to city vegetable markets, fresh supermarkets, retail trade market as the main body of the agricultural products market in urban and rural areas. To strengthen the construction of grain storage and logistics facilities, development of agricultural products frozen storage, classification, packaging, electronic clearing. Sound coverage collection, processing, and transportation of agricultural products, sales each link of the cold chain logistics system. Foster modern ways of distribution and circulation mode, the new development of agricultural product trade on the net, chain store distribution and farmers. We will continue to implement the "north south yun", "south food north luck", "west GuoDong", new market project of thousands of villages and townships, rural modern circulation network engineering, start the creation of integrated demonstration area of modern circulation of agricultural products. Support supply and marketing cooperatives, large business groups, the postal system for agricultural products circulation. In-depth implementation of the trademark rich peasant project, strengthen the agricultural product geographical indications and trademarks protection.

4. Improve the agricultural product market regulation. Give full play to the price of the incentive role of agricultural production and farmers' income, according to the principle of production cost plus reasonable profit, we will continue to increase the minimum purchase price of wheat, rice, timely launch of corn, soybean, rapeseed, cotton, sugar and other agricultural reserve. Optimization of grain and other agricultural commodities reserves variety structure and regional layout, improve the system of oil sugar import the dump. Improve the major agricultural products market monitoring and early warning mechanism, seriously perform live pig market price regulation plan, improvement of fresh farm products regulation. Perfect agricultural products import and export tax regulation policy, strengthen the management of import tariff quota, improve the varieties of commodities imported report system, strengthen the sensitive varieties imported monitoring. Promote diversified import source, standardize the order of import and export, combat smuggling. To strengthen and improve the agricultural information release system, establish the market regulation effect evaluation system. Expand agricultural materials product varieties of reserves.
5. Enhance the level of food safety. Reform and improve the food safety regulatory system, strengthen the comprehensive coordination, implement from farm to table whole regulatory responsibilities, to speed up the form in accordance with national conditions, scientific and perfect food safety system. Improve agricultural products quality safety and food safety traceability system. Environmental monitoring, strengthening agricultural production process strictly use agricultural inputs into the production and operation management, actively carry out prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution and pollution from livestock and poultry farming. Support agricultural products wholesale market for food safety measure (station) construction, and subsidies for the examination fees. Improve the food safety system at the primary level, increase investment in construction of regulators, improve supervision ability and level.
Second, the sound system of agricultural support protection, increasing JiangNong rich peasants policy efforts
Adapt agriculture into high investment, high cost, high risk the objective requirement of The Times, must be more consciously and more firmly strengthen support for agriculture protection. Based on stability improve strengthening effective policies, focus on building a stable growth of government investment in "SAN nong" long-term mechanism, to ensure total continues to grow, the proportion will increase steadily.
1. Intensify agricultural subsidies. According to increase output, improve memory, with good increment, strengthen the regulatory requirements, strengthening the agricultural subsidy policy, improve the interest compensation, compensation, ecological compensation measures for protecting farmland, and to speed up make reasonable profits of agriculture and producing financial resources to gradually achieve the national or provincial average. Continue to increase agricultural subsidies funds, increased subsidies to grain and the growing focus, to professional investors, family farms, farmers cooperatives and other new production operators to tilt. Implement the policy of direct subsidies to grain farmers for producing grain, subsidies for growing superior seed varieties, expand the scale of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, promote agricultural machinery to old change new pilot. Improve the general subsidies for purchasing agricultural supplies dynamic adjustment mechanism, and gradually expanding the scope of the large grain subsidies pilot. We will continue to implement the agricultural disaster prevention and reduction and stable production key technology subsidies and increase subsidy of soil organic matter, supports specialized TongFang rule, crops diseases and insect pests start low toxicity and low residue of pesticides and high-efficiency slow-release fertilizer subsidies pilot. Improve livestock production support policies, support the development of beef, mutton, implement the pelagic fishery subsidies and tax breaks. Large increase grain production (oil) county money reward, the reward policy for implementation of pig out county, study and formulate food crops breeding large counties incentives. Increase financial investment comprehensive agricultural development. Modern agricultural production and development funds to support food and local advantageous industries to accelerate development.
2. To improve rural financial services. Strengthen national support and guidance of rural financial reform and development, to strengthen commercial financial support agriculture, fully exerting the function of policy finance and financial cooperative, ensure continuing increase agricultural credit. Innovative financial products and services, give priority to meet the demand of peasant household credit, make credit and loans more accessible to new production operators to support. Strengthen fiscal leverage and financial policy effective coordination, implement the county financial institutions of agriculture loan increment reward directional cost subsidy, farmers, rural financial institutions loans, tax breaks, such as small assure loan discount policy. Stability of county (city) legal status of rural credit cooperatives, continue to deepen reform of rural credit cooperatives. Explore new models of agricultural bank service "three rural" strengthens the agricultural development bank policy positioning function, encourage national development bank to promote modern agriculture and new rural construction. Support the creation of the new type of rural social capital to participate in financial institutions. Improve rural payment service condition, smooth channels for settlement of payment. Strengthen agricultural credit and insurance coordinated, accord with the characteristics of rural innovation is worth (mass) and guarantee and financing tools, establish multi-level and multi-form agricultural credit guarantee system. Expand the scale of the forest right mortgage, perfect forestry loan discount policy. Policy-oriented agricultural insurance system, perfect the agricultural insurance premium subsidies, increase in the central and western regions, large production county agricultural insurance premium subsidies, appropriately raise some coverage premium subsidy proportion. Crop seed production and fishery, agricultural machinery, housing insurance and the key state-owned forest insurance premium subsidies pilot. Promote establish financial support to agricultural insurance catastrophe risk dispersed mechanism. Support conforms to the condition of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises and development of agriculture related enterprise by multi-level capital markets to raise funds.
3. Encourage social capital in the new rural construction. All walks of life develop planning, schedule project, increase the investment to rural to tilt. Guide the state-owned enterprises to participate in and support the development of agriculture and rural areas. Encourage enterprises and social organizations adopt investment financing, donations, donations, talent and technology support to set up in the countryside medical and health care, education, training, social welfare and social services, cultural tourism, sports and other kinds of business, according to the regulations, enjoy preferential tax, management fee subsidy policy, etc. Rural public welfare undertakings to carry out the public welfare donation project spending before income tax deduction. Encourage enterprises in a variety of construction of rural production and living infrastructure investment way.

Three, the innovation system of agricultural production and operation, raising farmers' organizational level steadily
Agricultural production and operation organization innovation is the core and basis of promoting modern agriculture construction. We need to respect and safeguard the subject status of farmers' production and operation, nurturing and expanding the new agricultural production and operation organizations, fully stimulate the potential of rural production factors.
1. The stability of the rural land contract relations. Grasp the existing land contract relationships remain stable and unchanged for a long time concrete realization form, perfect relevant legal system. Adhere to the voluntary paid principle, in accordance with the guide to the contracted management of rural land transfer, to encourage and support the contracted land to professional investors, family farms, farmers cooperatives, develop various forms of moderate scale management. Combined with farmland capital construction, encourage farmers to adopt the mode of mutually beneficial exchange, solve the problem of contracted land and finely turn. Land circulation should not force command, to ensure that does not harm the farmer rights and interests, do not change the land use, do not destroy agricultural comprehensive production capacity. Explore to establish strict business lease peasant household contracting farmland, woodland, grassland) access and supervision system. Standardize the procedures of land circulation, and gradually improve the county rural tertiary service network, strengthen the information communication, policy advice, transfer services such as contract, price evaluation. To strengthen the construction of the contracted management of rural land disputes mediation arbitration system. We will deepen reform of the state-owned land reclamation management system and expand the trial reform of state-owned farms do social functions. Steadily push forward the rural comprehensive reform pilot demonstration.
2. Efforts to raise the level of farmers intensive management. According to the requirements of scale development, specialization, standardization, and guide farmers to use advanced and applicable technology and modern production elements, accelerate transformation of the mode of agricultural production and operation. To create a good policy and legal environment, take the reward subsidies and other measures, to support partnerships management, professional investors, family farms. Foster new farmers and the rural practical talent, focus on strengthening the agricultural vocational education and vocational training. Make full use of all kinds of training resources, increase the intensity of professional investors, family farms, operator training, improve their production skills and management level. Specialized plan, the qualified graduates of institutions of higher learning, veterans, returning migrant workers in farming subsidies and loans to support entrepreneurship.
3. Vigorously support the development of various kinds of new farmer cooperative organizations. Farmers cooperative is a basic subject, drive farmers to enter the market is new to the development of the rural collective economic entity, is an effective carrier of rural social management innovation. According to the positive development, gradually standard, strengthening the support requirements, improve quality, increase the strength, speed up the pace of development of farmer cooperatives, lead and improve the driving capability and market competitiveness. To encourage peasants to set up professional collaboration and cooperation in diversified, multi-type cooperative shares. Assessment demonstration of social mechanism, classification implement department to establish demonstration club list, the demonstration of clubs as a key policy support. Arrange part of the fiscal investment projects directly to conform to the conditions of the cooperative, boot state aid project formation of the assets transferred to the cooperative management, guide the cooperatives to establish and perfect project assets management mechanism. Increase farmers cooperatives development funds to support the cooperative to improve production conditions, enhance development ability. Gradually expand the rural land consolidation, comprehensive agricultural development, irrigation and water conservancy construction, extensive agriculture, such as the size of the project shall be borne by the cooperatives. To demonstrate social construction of fresh agricultural products logistics facilities, the establishment of agricultural product processing industry subsidies. Based on credit rating to demonstrate club joint credit, discount loans, where conditions permit specification cooperatives credit cooperation. Perfect cooperative preferential tax policy, the cooperatives and incorporated into the national economic statistics as a separate entity in the tax registration, prepare invoice recipients, such as cooperative work. Innovation of insurance products and services for the cooperative production and operation characteristics. Establish cooperative leader talent pool and training base, extensive cooperative leaders, management personnel and the counselor training, guide the graduates to work in the cooperatives. To carry out the facilities agricultural land policy, land for production facilities and ancillary facilities according to the agricultural cooperative management. Guide farmers cooperatives to products and industries as a link to carry out the cooperation and joint, actively explore and cooperatives registration management measures. Promptly revise method of farmers' professional co-operatives.
4. To strengthen leading enterprises. Support leading enterprises through mergers, restructuring, acquisition and holding, etc way to form a large enterprise groups. To create agricultural industrialization demonstration base, promote the development of leading enterprises in cluster. Promote leading enterprises and farmers to establish close benefit coupling mechanism, take the guaranteed return methods such as purchasing, stock dividends, profit, let farmers more in processing and sales revenue. Encourage and guide the city industrial and commercial capital to the enterprise management in rural development suitable for planting. Increase funding to support the industrialization of agriculture to support leading enterprises construction raw material base, energy conservation and emission reduction, develop brand. Gradually expand the scope of pilot industry for agricultural products processing VAT amount shall be deducted. Appropriate to expand agricultural origin raw subsidies pilot project scope.
4, building agricultural socialization service mechanisms, vigorously to develop multiple service principals
Construction of modern agriculture with Chinese characteristics, it is necessary to establish perfect agriculture socialization service system. Insist on diversification, service specialization, the direction of the marketization of operation, fully give play to the role of public service agencies, to speed up the construction of public welfare services with business services, special services and comprehensive coordinated service of new agricultural social service system.
1. To strengthen the agricultural public welfare service system. Improving rural or regional agricultural technology promotion, animal and plant disease prevention and control, agricultural products quality supervision and other public service ability of service. We will continue to implement the reform and the construction of basic-level agro-technique extension system projects, encourage the mechanism of subsidy funds linked to service performance. We will continue to implement the agricultural technology popularization institutions condition construction projects, improve marketing conditions. Support schools and vocational colleges and research institutes by the construction of new rural development research institute, service comprehensive agricultural demonstration base, facing the rural areas of agricultural technology promotion. To strengthen the villages and towns or small watershed water conservancy, forestry at the grass-roots level public service agencies and service organizations, flood control and drought mobile emergency rescue team construction. Give full play to the supply and marketing cooperatives in the important role of agricultural socialization service. Accelerate rural meteorological information service and the weather modification work system and capacity building, improve the level of agricultural meteorological service and rural meteorological disaster prevention.
2. The cultivation of agricultural business services organization. Support farmers cooperatives and professional services companies, professional and technical associations, farmers' water cooperation organization, farmers agent, agricultural enterprises such as agricultural production and operation provide low cost, convenience, full range of services, play a role of main force of the operational services. Take government order, directional commissioned, awards, bidding, guides the business service organizations participate in public welfare services, vigorously carry out plant diseases and insect pests TongFang rule, animal disease prevention and control, farmland irrigation and drainage, plastic mulching and productive services such as recycling. Advancing the science and technology correspondent rural science and technology entrepreneurial actions. Cultivating accounting audit, assets evaluation, policy, legal consultation and other agricultural intermediary service organization. To conform to the conditions of agricultural business services shall be exempted from business tax.
3. The innovation service mode and means. Encouraged to build regional agricultural socialization service integrated platform. Development experts compound, yuan county to build hospitals, rural technology service supermarket, crops, professional services company plus farmers, agricultural enterprises and experts and farmers cooperatives, service mode, actively carry out technical objects, technical contracting, the entire hosting service, promoting agricultural advanced applicable technology to the field to the home. To carry out agricultural socialization service managed to create. Integration of resources construction in the rural comprehensive service and service center. Faster with information means to promote the modern agriculture construction, startup "project phase ii, promote national pilot province of rural informatization construction. Development of agricultural information service, the key development information collection, accurate operation, remote rural digitalization and visualization, such as weather forecasting, disaster warning technology.
Fifth, reform the rural collective property rights system, the effective safeguard farmers' property rights
Establish clear ownership, power full and smooth flow, strict protection of the rural collective property rights system, activate agricultural rural development is the intrinsic request. Must improve the rural collective economic organization capital asset resource management system, in accordance with the law, safeguard farmers' right to the contracted management of land, land use rights, the collective income distribution.
1. The overall rural land approval and registration agencies. Perfect the contracted management of rural land registration system, strengthening of rural farmland, forestland and other kinds of property rights protection of right to the contracted management of land. In 5 years time basically completed equaling to the contracted management of rural land registration agencies, properly solve farmers contracted land area is not allowed, four is not clear. Speed up including house-site in the countryside, the rural collective land ownership and the right to use construction land cadastral survey, approval registration agencies work done as soon as possible. Made by rural land registration certified funds into the local fiscal budget, the central government handouts. Party committees and governments at all levels should attach great importance to, the relevant departments should cooperate closely, ensure the timely completion of rural land approval registration agencies. Deepening the reform of collective forest right system, improve a grassland-use releasing rate and to door rate. To promote state-owned forest farm reform pilot, exploring the reform of state-owned forest region. Accelerate the grassland contract work, start the grassland contracted management right verification trial registration agencies.
2. We need to speed up the reform of land requisition system. Levied in accordance with the farmer collective all land, to increase farmers in the land value-added income allocation proportion, to ensure that the landless farmers' living standards improve, long-term livelihood security. To speed up the changes to the land administration law, rules out a farmer collective all land expropriation compensation as soon as possible. Perfect the land acquisition compensation method, reasonable compensation standard, strict land expropriation procedure, constraint expropriation behavior, compensation funds shall not approve and implementation of the implementation of land expropriation. Reform and improve the system of house-site in the countryside, strengthen management, protect farmers land use rights according to law. In accordance with the law, to promote the comprehensive improvement of the rural land, strictly regulate the urban and rural construction land increase or decrease hook test and collective construction land circulation commercial purposes. The rural collective non-operating construction land shall not enter the market.
3. Strengthen the management of the rural collective "three-capital". Adjust measures to local conditions to explore the effective implementation in the form of collective economy, and a growing collective economic strength. By means of quantitative, assets, equity management as the main content, accelerate rural collective "three-capital" management institutionalized, standardization, informationization. Perfecting rural collective financial budget, revenue management, expenditure system, such as examination and approval, the property parameter and the resource registration strictly contracting, leasing, rural collective assets disposal and resource development and utilization of the democratic process, support the construction of the rural collective "three-capital" technology platform. Encourage places with conditions to promote the reform of the rural collective property right to the joint stock cooperative system. To explore the collective economic organizations membership defined specific measures.
Six, improving the rural public service system, actively promote urban and rural public resources equilibrium configuration
According to improve the level, perfecting the mechanism, the system gradually, vigorously to promote development of social undertakings and tilt to rural infrastructure construction, efforts to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, speed up the implementation of urban and rural basic public service equalization.
1. To strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure. Increasing its coverage of the rural infrastructure construction of public finance, gradually establish a safeguard and operation mechanism of the management. During the "twelfth five-year" basic solve the problem of rural drinking water safety. Rural power grid upgrading should pay attention to improving rural residents utilization and agricultural production and operation power supply facilities, the central investment continues to support rural hydropower power supply district reconstruction of power grid and rural hydropower expansion and increase efficiency. , continuous destitute areas in villages and towns in west region, the village asphalt (cement) road construction, the organizational system and central district and township road reformation, connecting engineering construction, intensify the building of rural highway bridge, security engineering and ferry transformation efforts, continue to push forward rural township bus network construction. Accelerate the construction of broadband Internet in rural information infrastructure. Promoting the sustainable development of rural biogas, optimize the project structure, innovative management style, to encourage research and development of new technology application. Intensify efforts to promote reform and rural wei state-owned forest area, the dangerous house of state-owned land reclamation area (field) shanty towns transformation, accelerate the implementation of nomads settlement project and to ship landed fisherman housing projects for the home. And improve the mechanism of one project one discussion CaiZhengJiang fill village-level public welfare undertakings, actively promote public welfare country debt clearing dissolve the pilot. Planning scientific planning and village construction, strict management, reasonable control construction strength, pay attention to the convenience of farmers' production and living, keep rural features and characteristics. Make special plan, launched special projects, increasing protection of historical and cultural value and national and regional elements of the traditional villages and houses. The relocation and village removal, rural residential areas must respect farmers' will, subject to consent by the villagers' meeting. Do not advocate, encourage and down the village outside the town planning area, construction of large-scale farmers in the concentrated residential area, shall not be forced farmers to move and live upstairs. Mountain torrent and geological disaster prevention, increase investment in disaster avoidance migration.
2. To develop the rural social undertakings. Perfect rural elementary and middle schools building long-term effective mechanism of construction and reform. Do good village elementary school and teach, improve managerial condition, strong teachers, rural students to go to school nearby convenience. Set up a special fund, in a continuous destitute areas in township and village schools and learning centers over the work of teachers give allowance for living expanses. Carrying out rural key cultural huimin engineering, safeguard mechanism for the establishment of rural culture. Improve the rural three-level health service network, strengthen the team construction of rural doctors. Continue to improve the new rural cooperative medical treatment the government subsidy standards, actively promote different ground settlement. Improve the new type of rural social endowment insurance policy system, establish a scientific and reasonable security level adjustment mechanism, research and other integrated old-age insurance system cohesion policy measures. In order to strengthen the management of rural minimum living security standard, conditional place to study and formulate relative unified urban and rural minimum living guarantee standard. Perfect rural system of materials, speed up the construction of rural social endowment service system. Increased investment in poverty alleviation and development, comprehensive implementation of continuous destitute areas in regional development and poverty alleviation works planning. Improve the rural population and family planning work.
3. In order to boost agricultural transfer of population urbanization. To promote the population urbanization, especially rural migrant workers in cities and towns in as an important task of urbanization. Speed up the reform of the household registration system, implement policy of small and medium-sized cities and small towns in conditions. Strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of migrant workers, social security, professional training, promote rural migrant workers equal remuneration, children education, public health, family planning, housing, hire purchase, cultural services and other basic rights and interests, to achieve complete coverage of the population of permanent residents in urban basic public service. Party committees and governments at all levels and the social from all walks of life to attach great importance to the rural left-behind children, the left-behind women, left-behind old people, strengthen the production support, social relief and humanistic care, to protect their basic rights and personal safety.
4. To promote the rural ecological civilization construction. To strengthen the construction of rural ecological and environmental protection and comprehensive improvement, and strive to build a beautiful country. Increase the three north shelter forest, natural forest protection and ecological restoration project, promote the comprehensive governance of desertification, desertification, soil and water loss. New returning farmland to forest to consolidate results of returning farmland to forest, arranging overall task. Explore desertification land reserve construction pilot work. Strengthen national strategic reserve base and timber forest infrastructure construction, improve the central government national public welfare forest compensation standard, increase wetland conservation investment, perfect, forestation, forest tending, etc of forests for forestry subsidy policies, actively develop economic forests. We will continue to implement subsidies for grassland ecological protection reward policy. Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of crop straw. Better rural garbage, sewage treatment and soil environmental management, implementing rural clean project, to speed up the rural river and water environment comprehensive improvement. Development of rural tourism and leisure agriculture. Create ecological civilization demonstration county and demonstration villages. Demonstration of livable rural comprehensive construction technology integration.
Seven, improve the rural governance mechanism, strengthen the party organization as the core of the construction of rural organizations at the grass-roots level
Adapt to rural economic and social structure, the pattern of interests between urban and rural areas, farmers thought idea profound changes, strengthen the rural grassroots party construction, push forward rural grassroots democratic political construction, improve the rural social management scientific style level, establish a sound, standardized and orderly, with its national dynamic mechanism of rural governance.
1. Strengthen the construction of rural grassroots party organizations. To give play to the role of grass-roots party organizations fighting forts, laying solid foundation for the rural ruling party. To expand the rural party organizations and party work coverage, strengthen grass-roots party organization leader team construction. Strengthen village cadres "must show a" policy, improve the village level organization and operation mechanism for ensuring adequate funding for basic public services, increase peasants, promote rural development service ability. Strengthen farmer cooperatives' party construction, perfect the organization setting, straighten out the subordinate relations, exploring the function orientation. To strengthen the construction of rural movement, strengthen the rural grassroots cadres education, management and supervision, to carry out the investigation and prevention of agriculture farmers and field special work post crimes such as embezzlement and bribery, resolutely investigate corruption beside farmers.

2. Strengthen the management of rural grassroots democracy. To further improve the village mechanism of their self-governance full of vitality under the leadership of the party, continue to promote the "four LiangGongKai" execution of work. Give full play to the village committee, gradually establish a clear, cohesive, effective operation in liability of village-level democratic supervision mechanism. Constantly improve village democracy, public management, by county (city, area) unified public directory and time for the unit, enriched the contents of the public and standardize the procedures of public, realize the village affairs by the public in advance, matter to extension. And thorough going efforts to promote the villages and towns government affairs public, promote the financial budget, public resource configuration, major construction projects in areas such as information public, social public welfare undertakings. Orderly development council of civil mediation, cultural entertainment, weddings, funerals and other community social organizations, farmers self management, self service and self education, self supervision role.
3. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of farmers. Adhere to the party and the government, in accordance with the law, balanced the broad masses of peasants, a variety of interests, open and standard aspirations, interests coordination, rights and interests protection channels, strengthen rural letters and visits, and guide the rational maintain their own rights and interests according to law. Through people's mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation, such as effective way, properly handle contradictions in rural areas. Out in accordance with the law, safeguard the villagers living in the village, the floating population in the village of democratic rights and material interests. Promoting the construction of harmonious mining area. Establish long-term effective mechanism of reducing the burden on farmers. Secure the achievements of township institutional reform and strengthen social management and public service functions, to promote township cadres directly related to service the masses.
4. To ensure the safety of rural social public. Strengthen rural disaster relief, fire control, disease prevention and control of police facilities construction, strict enforcement of rural schools, hospitals and other public facilities construction quality standards, strengthen the rural public emergency disposal ability to cope with the situation and natural disasters. Deepen rural construction safe and perfect three-dimensional social security prevention and control system, to carry out the work in rural police room for a certain fixed number of staff of the relevant incentive policy. Strengthen rural traffic safety management, to create safe smooth counties and cities. Rural black evil forces, will be punished in accordance with the Huang Dudu and all kinds of criminal offenses. Strengthen the rural spiritual civilization construction, in-depth to carry out activities to promote cultural and ethical progress, improving farmers' ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities. Strengthening the rural legal propaganda and education, to carry out the party's ethnic and religious policies, establish healthy and civilized and law-abiding and new trends in society.
Party committees and governments at all levels shall practically strengthen and improve the leadership of the "three rural" work, to ensure that the drive is not lax, not abate, strength has strengthened. Party and government leading cadres at all levels should be familiar with the party's "three rural" policy and the state NongQing as a compulsory course, is good at to do a good job of "three agriculture" in the new period as the basic skills, effectively change the style of work, goes down to the basic unit investigation and study, constantly improve the level of "three rural" work. To proceed from the actual, adjust measures to local conditions, classification guidance around the "three rural" work. Regions and all departments need to have a clear division of duties, strengthen the supervision and inspection, implementation of performance evaluation, to conduct JiangNong rich peasants policy execution "look back", to ensure implement strictly. Respect the farmers' initiative, encourage around actively explore, bold reform, bold innovation, to do a good job of rural reform experimental zone, timely summary promotion around the successful experience.
Speed up the development of modern agriculture, and further enhance the vitality of rural development, is of great significance, task heavy. Let's close unity around in jinping comrades as general secretary of the CPC central committee, struggle, forge ahead, pragmatic, hit a rural reform and development of the new brilliance!

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