On January 31, the guidance of the "three rural" work since the new century a 10th the central file no. 1 by the xinhua news agency authorized to release.

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One file to encourage the contracted land to large flow, family farm for the first time


On January 31, the guidance of the "three rural" work since the new century a 10th the central file no. 1 by the xinhua news agency authorized to release.
File is put forward, to encourage and support the contracted land to professional investors, family farms, farmers cooperatives, at the same time, it will explore to establish strict business lease farmers contracted land access and regulatory system, and fully develop rural land approval registration agencies.
The document entitled "the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council about accelerate the development of modern agriculture to further enhance the vitality of rural development certain opinions", the full text of about 10000 words, 26 is divided into seven parts.
"Family farm" for the first time
Household contract responsibility system in China's agriculture, rural areas in the development of a strong, but also brought the disadvantages of decentralized management, waste of resources, low benefit. In recent years, engaged in agricultural labor body aging, younger age, young adults ratio decreased, the poor infrastructure of agriculture, land utilization also began to decline, rural hollowing out phenomenon is gradually obvious.
Since the central rural work conference at the end of last year, no. 1 market the widespread speculation this year will focus on management system and mechanism innovation. And sure enough, this year's number one file again not only clear policy support for professional investors, leading enterprises, "family farm" is first appeared in a number of files.
Rural development research institute of Chinese academy of social sciences research associate Liao Yongsong of the first finance and economics (microblogging) daily, said now, great changes have taken place in China's agricultural development, small scale of agricultural production towards marketization, specialization, scale transformation, is the inevitable trend.
In fact, across China has emerged a group of professional investors. On January 6, jiangxi nanchang AnYiXian grain large LingJiHe grant 1.4 million yuan award news sensation to farmers across the country. LingJiHe contracted for 15000 mu of paddy fields, hired more than 15000 farmers to help him management, each farmers can get 2500 yuan a month salary, until the end of the year and annual bonus.
Previously, usda chief economist finish the MHF repeatedly stressed that the "farmer" is our country agriculture development is the trend of The Times, the department of agriculture to intensify the land circulation, next we will vigorously support some grain.
Agriculture and rural committee of the National People's Congress, the Chinese academy of social sciences division members Zhang Xiaoshan also said in an interview with the media, the scale management of agriculture will become the theme of the next step.
Farmland farming
Due to much less people, China's farmers operating area is limited. The second agricultural census in 2006 showed that the average farmer land 9.1 mu, every farmer management is only 5.2 mu of arable land. Such a small size, is not conducive to increasing farmers' income, is unfavorable to ensure national food security.
Zhang Xiaoshan, says that agricultural scale to achieve the double goal: can not only help farmers' income, and to improve the food supply.
Under this background, the farmland circulation around the case in recent years gradually increased, agriculture also gradually become investment hot spots, the "capital to the countryside" boom, inflows into the industry and commerce enterprise of arable land increase rapidly. Xinhua reported that by the end of June 2012, industrial and commercial contracting farmland into an area of 25 million mu, up 84.6% at the end of 2009.
This phenomenon has been brought to the attention of the government. On December 21, 2012, on the national work conference on agriculture, minister of agriculture han changfu, points out that industrial and commercial enterprises should be encouraged investment in agriculture, for farmers to provide prenatal, births, postpartum services, but not recommended for a long time, large area directly rented land farmers contracted land, to prevent land "non-staple", "non-agricultural" is forbidden.
Yesterday, the ministry of agriculture, head of rural economic system and operation management to interpret the spirit of one file in that agriculture will be in accordance with requirements of the central, from leasing professional certification, the management risk control, land use regulation, strengthen farmers contracted land leasing business norms and management of enterprises.
Specifically, one file will explore to establish strict business lease farmers contracted land access and regulatory system. The head says that there are two purposes: one is to stick to land agricultural use, ensure national food security and the main supply of agricultural products; Second, adhere to the farmland with farmers, farmers to ensure full employment and the rural social harmony and stability.
Usda rural economy research center researcher Liao Hongle thought, for industrial and commercial capital to build system of access: first of all need to be engaged in the comprehensive qualifications of agricultural production, and then also need regulation can't change the ownership of the land use and land.
Zhang Xiaoshan had also said in an interview with our reporter, in the prenatal and postnatal, industry and commerce enterprise capital enter without controversy. Now the focus of the debate is about capital into agricultural production areas, for a long time, large area directly rented land farmers contracted land.
Number one document" has also proposed that in 5 years time completed the contracted management of rural land approval and registration, the agencies work, properly solve farmers contracted land area is not allowed, four is not clear.
"The commercialization of agriculture production trend make agricultural production factors, especially land, begin to moderate flow, thereby promoting scale management. Only in this way can increase agricultural attractive. Now, the central government in collective land approval and registration, certified, in order to help land circulation, land moderate large-scale management." Liao Yongsong explained.

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