General Service

General Service

China International Exhibition Center near the hotel have all been organizing committee and the General Assembly signed a service agreement, you in hotel reservation please is marked in the eightth IEOE international oil Expo, so you is to get more preferential prices and more attentive service.More>>

Yonghong International Exhibition Co. Ltd,asthe organizing committee of the event,has set up translation service center,whichmainly focuses on providing translation service for the cooperative negotiation between domestic and foreign businesses in the exhibition.The translation service of the organizing committee includes English,Spanish,Italian,Japanese,Korean,French and so on, 16 languagestotally, which is a paid service. Please consult the International Department of the Organizing Committee about the fee standards and specific service requirements.More>>

Dear exhibitors, the Organizing Committee of the conference entrusted freight agents to provide you with three international shipments, domestic shipping, the Museum of transport services, mainly for customers to provide during the exhibition and dismantling.More>>

Beijing Bo Wen sunshine Exhibition Co., Ltd. as the general assembly of the home contractor, the same part of the Organizing Committee of the organizing committee, through the sun rental exhibition, regardless of any problems, the organizing committee will be responsible for handling.More>>

  • Time:April 27-29, 2023
  • location:Nanjing International Exhibition Center
  • The 13th IGPE China International Expo day
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