Yonghong expo

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Group exhibition and the China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation is belonging to the China International Trade Promotion Committee and the China International Chamber of commerce enterprise group, is the core enterprise of the group exhibition,.More>>

Dongzhimen subway station (line 2, line 13, Airport Express Line): from the old Guozhanzhongxin 3.2 kilometers. To the old Dongzhimen International Exhibition Center (Jingan Zhuang Station) bus 18/606/966, take a taxi about 15 yuan.More>>

China International Exhibition Center, the new museum is designed for the exhibition industry, tailor-made, to reach the function of international professional exhibition hall building first-class level, is China's top professional exhibition.More>>

  • Time:2018 December 6 - December 8
  • location:Chinese Intemational Exhibition Center
  • 2018 the 9th IGPE China International day
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